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Robin Higginbotham aka HiggyRobin Higginbotham aka Higgy struggled with addiction for 35 years of his life. His addiction found him homeless and pushing a shopping cart in the streets of Phoenix Arizona, numerous incarceration’s, imprisonment, multiple overdoses and treatment centers.

Higgy has made it his mission to use his experiences to help him in reaching out to the struggling masses in the addicted population around the country through his social media presence and work in the community. He advocates for those struggling with addictions of all kinds and seeks to help those willing to put in the work.

As a former host of a recovery based music radio show, Redemption Road Recovery Music, he has made many connections throughout the recovery music scene and hopes to help artists get their message of HOPE out to help those battling addiction. Higgy is the owner of NoMoreHeroin.org and creator of the “Survivor Series”, which showcases success stories of people in Recovery. The “survivors” from all sides of the addiction issue which is sweeping the nation and killing our addicted population at an alarming rate.

There is enough doom, gloom, and hatred in the world today and this is his attempt to showcase the ones who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

Higgy is a Recovery Coach, National Interventionist, Persian Gulf era Miltary Veteran and owner of “A Vision For Veterans Inc.”. His company only employs Military Veterans with substance abuse issues.

Everything Higgy does is his attempt at smashing the stigma of addiction, provide resources, education, awareness, and inspiration to the Recovery Community. He believes, “No matter how far you have traveled the wrong road, you can always turn around!”.

One of our main goals at No More Heroin is to help prevent others from losing their loved ones and to create a legacy of healing and hope for all those loved and lost to this wretched disease called addiction.

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